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“…full of surprises. She possesses a songbird’s voice, a wisdom beyond her years and a delightfully smooth way of gliding across the piano keys. Everything from mournful sonic sculptures to crisp, lightweight ballads carried the day — always in celebration of the moment, whether it be the memory of something long gone or the freshness of something new.” –Nuvo Newsweekly


Mina & the Wondrous Flying Machine are a piano-driven cross-pollination of singer-songwriter, indie rock and a hint of jazz using lush chords and impulsive horn lines to create their distinctive sound. Their songs have been described as “if Joni Mitchell and Aimee Mann had a baby with Charles Mingus.” Live shows have emphasized variety and spontaneity, from didgeridoos to impromptu rappers to homemade megaphones and banging on alarm bells. The Wondrous Flying Machine try to be as adventurous and honest as they can, but most of all grateful to be making music wherever they may go. Founder Mina Keohane was forming ripples in the Indianapolis music scene as a jazz composer with her group making stops at Indy Jazz Fest and landing the cover of Intake Magazine, a feature in Nuvo and Indy Men’s Magazine. Deciding to take a break from instrumental music and going back to her roots as a singer, Mina put together the Wondrous Flying Machine as the vehicle for a new adventure in songwriting.



the wondrous

flying machine

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